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Wasted Days and Wasted Nights - Front CoverWasted Days and Wasted Nights - Front Cover

Tammy Huerta-Fender and Her Father, Freddy Fender

Freddy Fender, a Legendary Man and Singer

His Extraordinary Story!

  • Three-time Grammy Award winner
  • Broke international music boundaries into Rock, Country, Pop, and Latin Pop Billboard charts
  • Pioneering singing artist and the first to record rock 'n' roll in Spanish
  • A Pioneer of blending rock 'n' country music 1970s-80s
  • Star of many films and considered to have the most TV appearances as a special guest star
  • A career of amazing highs and lows for over 50 years

Freddy Fender lived a dream, and his passing left a void on this earth. To commemorate his fascinating life, Freddy's daughter Tammy Lorraine Huerta Fender has penned a two-part biography that is as daring and astonishing as Freddy was himself.

Ms. Huerta Fender, also known as the "Tex-Mex Princess," is the sole author of the stunning new biography.  The first book of the series explores the colorful stories and events of Freddy's early years.  Freddy became the embodiment of the American Dream--a man who endured crushing poverty as a child migrant worker and rose to meteoric heights as the first Chicano to conquer the rock 'n' country music industry.

The first part of his biography titled "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights" ends at the peak of his success in the early 1980s; it tells the tale of how Freddy's raw, unique talent drove him to sing and play Spanish rock, country and western, funk, rhythm and blues, and  a little bit of swamp pop in local honkey tonks on Bourbon Street. In New Orleans, alley cats such as Aaron Neville, Joe Berry, and B.B. King would join Freddy, as his voice permeated the radio airwaves in the Southern Belt of Louisiana. Fender had no boundaries when he sang, and delved into any music genre at any given point.  That was Freddy Fender, an artist with a unique sound who wanted to sing and play anything and everything—and so he did as he crossed onto several musical charts at the peak of his career and continued to sing until he was late into his sixties. Freddy won several Grammy's and his last at the age of sixty-two years old.

Freddy Fender and His Daughter

Even more magical is what Freddy experienced during his years as a global entertainer. It is what God did with Freddy and his life that truly matters; daughter Tammy Lorraine shares an important message with readers about Freddy's redemption. Tammy has done what nobody else dared to do, and that is to share what was going on in the backdrop of Freddy's life.  Stories that even reporters failed to recognize about his personal life and his addictions, and how it affected his family and, especially, his daughter Tammy. 

On the sequel, she will convey to you his words, words that specifically state his wish that the dark side of his life must be shared and the full story told.  Freddy believed that the future writer of his biography would in this way honor him, and write what was most significant in his life. 

Ultimately. Ms. Huerta brings Freddy Fender back to life to share what was most important to him. Most significantly, this biography seeks to assure that Freddy's life (and her own) was not lived in vain.

In doing so, Ms. Huerta has honored the last wish of her father's; that a truthful, authentic book be written about his amazing life as a worldwide singer, husband, and father. 

Tex-Mex Princess

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