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About the Main Characters

The life story of Freddy Fender begins at his birthplace of San Benito, Texas. However, the book actually starts off with a brief history of his ancestors who originate from the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico when President Porfirio Diaz reigned over the people of Mexico and stirred up yet another Mexican Revolution of the 1910-1920s.

Baldemar Huerta aka Freddy Fender (Mexican/American)

Baldemar had full wavy black hair and dark skin. He was raised in poverty and was always hungry--he went without shoes and lunch to school on a daily basis. However, Baldemar was an optimist; he was also resourceful, brave, hardworking, sensitive, humorous, happy, and carefree. He learned to play guitar on his own, write music, and sing traditional Mexican boleros, and he especially enjoyed singing hillbilly and rock music from the 1950s and1960s.  Baldemar Huerta had special, God-given talents beyond what others could even imagine. He became a worldwide rock 'n' country superstar! However, Freddy Fender struggled with an alcohol and drug addiction that would change his life completely, and in the worst way possible. After years of destruction to his personal, family life and professional musical career, Freddy would rise to find his redemption from the abyss of addiction.

Dolores "Lola" Huerta

Dolores is Freddy Fender's great aunt and she helped to raise him. Iterviews with Lola are featured in the first chapter of the book, and include her views and remembrances of her ancestors and her father, Don Benito; she recalls how he came into the United States and started a new life in south Texas. Her words set the foundation for understanding how Freddy's impoverished childhood as a migrant worker would shape the man he became.  For Freddy, there would be no limits, neither of money or race.  He had something extra, something special, something that would take him to the top as a world-wide megastar.

Margarita Garza Huerta

Margarita was the mother of Freddy Fender. She was a stocky woman with dark hair who loved to laugh and tell jokes. She was a singer, charismatic, and a jokester just like her son. She loved singing to her children the old traditional Mexican songs heard from across the Mexican border. She also smoked Bugler cigarettes and liked to dip and turn the ashes out on her tongue. She was often seen not only sweeping the dirt floors in and out of their humble home, but could also be seen chasing one of her children in the neighborhood, trying to hit them with the broomstick for misbehaving. Margarita and Serapio Huerta had five children together. After her husband's unfortunate death, Margarita later met a trucker named Manuelon and fell in love with him.

Manuelon (El Truckero)

He is tall and fair skinned. He wore cowboy boots, khaki pants, and cowboy shirt and hat. He was stern. He was already married with children. He was known as El Aventurero (The Adventurer). He became the closest thing to a father that Baldemar Huerta and his siblings would ever have. He and Margarita had an open relationship for over a decade as a part-time husband and wife. Eventually, Margarita had three children by Manuelon. This cause the jealousy of his biological children, who chose not to get along with Margarita's boys. He was also a drunk and physically abusive to Margarita and her children. Manuelon became their taskmaster, and despite their young age, he took Margarita's eight children to work the fields out of state for over a decade. Manuelon's held a great power over the Huerta's; though it was primarily negative, he nonetheless played a vital role in Baldemar's early musical career.

Evangelina Muniz (Mrs. Fender)

She is a Spaniard born in San Francisco, CA. She is a very unique and beautiful petite light skinned woman. She looks like a pretty Spanish doll. She was a subservient wife, shy, quiet, yet strong. Freddy, who was nineteen at the time, married Evangelina when she was fifteen years old. (She is Fender's only wife of 49 years.) He has only three biological children: Sonny Boy, Tammy, and Danny Boy. They later adopt a child. She endures her husband's domestic violence and addictive behaviors. Nonetheless, Evangelina plays a huge role in Fender's life and gives him a stable and loving home. Later, he realizes that she had become his "reality," a positive force in his life until his very last breath.

Huey P. Meaux "The Crazy Cajun" (Freddy's Record Producer/Manager)

Huey P. Meaux was known as the Crazy Cajun. He was a big and tall French/Cajun man from Winnie, Texas; he was a barber and a radio disk jockey in Houston, Texas, in the 1950s and 60s. He loved music and the ladies. However, he too was raised in poverty, and unfortunately was a man of questionable character. He also had served time in prison. Later, he became a record/studio producer and manager. Huey Meaux would be the one to take Freddy Fender to the next level of mainstream global stardom.

Tammy Lorraine Huerta Fender - Sole Author 

She is petite, with fair skin with long brown sunlit hair; she is high-spirited like her grandmother Margarita. As a child, she was happy and loved to sing and dance; she enjoyed entertaining people. Like her father, she too was a dreamer and had a beautiful life ahead of her. Due to unfortunate circumstances, she follows her father's dark path and abuses drugs and alcohol. At their darkest moment, father and daughter begin to use drugs together. Because their personalities are so much alike, both good and bad, their close relationship takes them towards an unhealthy, destructive life during the fast pace of Freddy's peak of success. It is she who will tell the Freddy Fender story; she must be the one to show you how they both crawled out of their abyss "one day at a time." Only she can share with you the heart-wrenching truth about her late father, and how she as an adult learned a spiritual way to love, respect, and forgive her father.  With the light of her Higher Power, Tammy Lorraine Huerta Fender wrote The True Life Story of Freddy Fender as a gift to his devoted fans.